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Website redesign and content migration.


We were approached by a client looking to revamp their outdated website. The client’s website was difficult to update, had a slow response time for maintenance requests, and the agency that runs the site was charging a high monthly fee for maintenance. Besides, the site was built on a proprietary CMS, which the client cannot access. The client was frustrated with their limited control over their website and wanted a more modern and user-friendly design.

Our objective was to redesign the client’s website completely, migrate the existing content to a new platform, and provide the client with total control over their website’s content and management. Ours aimed to reduce the client’s monthly expenses and increase the website’s overall performance, resulting in an increase in conversions.


We, along with the client, decided to redesign the website on the WordPress platform, a user-friendly content management system that would allow the client to easily add, modify and update their website’s content. The new design would be modern and visually appealing, focusing on user experience and conversions.

To start the redesign process, We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s website, identifying areas that needed improvement. This analysis included reviewing the website’s existing structure, layout, and functionality and identifying any technical issues that may have been impacting the website’s performance.

Once the analysis was complete, We created a plan for the website redesign, which included migrating the existing content to the new WordPress platform, creating a new website design, and integrating new functionality to improve the website’s overall performance.

The website redesign plan included the following steps:

  1. Migrate the existing content to WordPress.
  2. Design and develop a new, modern website theme.
  3. Integrate new functionality, including SEO optimization and responsive design.
  4. Provide the client with training on how to use the new CMS and manage their website’s content.
  5. Launch the new website and monitor its performance.


We began the website redesign by migrating the existing content to the new WordPress platform. This involved transferring all the website’s pages, posts, images, and media to the new platform. We maintained the website’s existing URL structure, ensuring any links pointing to the old website would still work correctly and adding 301 redirections that were impossible to keep the old URL.

Next, We designed and developed a new website theme that was modern, visually appealing, and focused on user experience. The new website design was created with the goal of improving the website’s overall performance, including increasing the website’s speed and improving its search engine optimization.

The new website design also included new functionality, including responsive design, social media integration, and improved navigation. The responsive design ensured the website would be accessible and user-friendly on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

We also optimized the website for search engines, including adding meta tags, optimizing images and content, and improving the website’s overall structure and layout.

To ensure the client was comfortable using the new CMS and managing their website’s content, We provided training and support throughout the process. This included showing the client how to add and modify content, use the new CMS, and manage their website’s functionality.

The website was then launched, and we continued monitoring its performance to ensure it was running smoothly and meeting the client’s expectations.


The website redesign and migration resulted in several positive outcomes for the client. The new website was modern and visually appealing, with improved functionality and user experience. The website’s speed and performance improved, resulting in a better user experience and higher conversions.

Thanks to the user-friendly WordPress CMS, the client also gained total control over their website’s content and management. This allowed the client to quickly and easily update and manage their website’s content, reducing their dependence on third-party actors and lowering their monthly expenses.

Our strategy of redesigning the website on WordPress, optimizing it for search engines and improving its functionality and user experience proved to be effective in achieving the client’s goals.

In conclusion, a website redesign and migration project can significantly benefit a business, including improved website performance, increased traffic, higher conversions and reduced monthly fees.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Enrique and the 76 Digital crew on various web and software development projects for years. I'm convinced that there is nothing these guys can't do. Have a problem? He'll fix it and leave it better than he found it. Have something you want to build? They'll make it on time, on spec, and on budget. They are excellent, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Kylon Gienger, Owner
Kylon Gienger, Owner

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“Enrique and the 76 Digital folks are amazing to work with!. I have worked with them on several projects and will continue to work with them for any of my development needs. They are very trustworthy and fast but most of all is extremely helpful at taking an idea and making it a reality. Not a bad thing to say about any of the work that they has completed and would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking professional development!”

Quinn Huffman
Quinn Huffman