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Boost your business with powerful WordPress API integrations.

At 76 Digital, we understand that small businesses need to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. This is why we offer WordPress API integrations as part of our services, helping business owners to take advantage of powerful integrations to improve their online presence and streamline their operations.

API integrations allow businesses to connect their website with a wide range of platforms and services, giving them access to powerful tools and functionality to help them grow and succeed. From social media integrations to e-commerce and payment gateways, our team can help you to take advantage of these integrations and achieve your business goals.

One of the main benefits of WordPress API integrations for businesses is improved efficiency and productivity. Business owners can automate tasks and streamline their operations by connecting their websites with various platforms and services. For example, integrating their website with a CRM like HubSpot can help them manage customer relationships and track leads.

We work closely with business owners to understand their unique needs and goals. We can customize WordPress API integrations to suit their specific requirements, ensuring they get the most out of their website and connected platforms.

how API integrations can help your business.

Streamline Operations
Streamline Operations

Automate tasks such as bookkeeping, project management, appointment booking, and customer support with API integrations.

Improve Sales
Improve Sales

Connect with e-commerce platforms to manage online stores and track sales more effectively.

Manage Customer Relationships
Manage Customer Relationships

Integrate with CRM systems to track leads and sales, manage customer relationships, and improve retention.

Secure Transactions
Secure Transactions

Integrate with payment gateways to facilitate easy and secure online transactions.

Improve Data Management
Improve Data Management

API integrations can help manage data more efficiently and effectively.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Automating tasks with API integrations can save time and improve overall productivity.

our process for redesigning a website.

The 76's

Our plugin building process consists of four straightforward steps that have been proven to ensure success.

However, we understand that every business has unique needs, which is why our process is also flexible and adaptable. You can choose any of our services individually or go through the entire process. We are here to cater to your specific needs and help you achieve your goals.


Our first objective is to come up with a targeted plan based around all of the original criteria that was developed during the onboarding process.


We start giving life to your idea and we ensure that the goal is exactly what you looking for adding this way, value to your clients.


We test the plugin on a staging site replicating your live site to ensure that everything works as expected. Once we are sure that all looks good you should approve it to go live.


Even a well-coded plugin, over time and without proper attention, can become outdated and pose a risk to your business. We offer maintenance plans to avoid this issue.

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